W. Ray Donoho
Entertainer/Song Writer/Cowboy Poet/Author of Children's Books
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   'Could I Do It All Over Again'

W.Ray met his Wife while attending Shasta Union High School in Redding CA in 1958.      
It all started when Ray was sitting in a friends 1950 Ford in the Shasta Union High School parking lot during lunch hour.

While Ray and his friend were talking, a Buick Convertable pulled in across from them. The Buick had several girls in it, and in the back seat was the 'Cutest Gal' you've ever seen. As the girls were getting out of the car the gal in the back seat was exiting by climbing over the side instead of out the door. She was wearing a very tight Gray Dress and this proved to be a problem for her to make her way over the side and to the ground. She was laughing as were all of her friends as she struggled to get out of the Buick. Ray remembers laughing as well as he watched riveted to the entire ordeal. When she finally did reach the ground they all walked away laughing. They went past Ray sitting in the Ford and up the column of stairs leading from the parking lot to the School. Now this column of stairs has got to be the steepest set of stairs you've ever seen, I would estimate them at a 20% climb.
As this gal in the tight Gray Dress proceeded up those stairs Ray couldn't take his eyes off of her. That dress was so tight it held onto every curve, and as she went up those stairs---well,
you know what I mean!!
When she arrived at the top of the stairs she disappeared from sight, and Ray knew right then, he had to know who she was. 

That started the search.
Ray would see her from time to time walking down the hallway to her next classroom, but just couldn't get up the nerve to stop her and ask her name. 

Ol' W.Ray had a habit of--shall we say; Not conforming to all of the School rules. So, one day the Teacher not knowing where else to send him, sent him to the Library to wait on the Students checking books in and out. This was just the best stroke of luck Ray could have had, because that day, the cute gal in the tight Gray Dress from the back seat of that Buick Convertable came to the library with a friend to check out a book. It was as if Ray had planned the whole thing!! After playing it cool and just taking care of business as his teacher had instructed him to do--Hummm? (or was it ordered).
Ray simply took her name from the book card.
WOW! Katherine Evon Porter, now he knew he could find her!

Saturday night was coming and Ray didn't have a Dance Job to play that weekend, so he formulated a plan.
He would simply call all the Porter's in the phone book till he found her and ask her out. 

Saturday Morning he started the arduous task of calling each and every Porter in the phone book asking in his most positive voice; "Is Katherine there?" And when he was told he had the wrong number apologized and went to the next one. Getting near the bottom of the list and starting to feel this isn't working he heard the lady on the next call say; "Just a Minute, Katherine it's for you"!!! Holy Moly!! Would this be the right Katherine? 

After explaining who he was and reminding her he worked in the Library, Katherine seemed to know who he was and talked to him in a friendly tone. Ray felt now is the time, ask her out and let the chips fall where they may. Fully expecting her to say she had other plans, and bracing himself that he wouldn't have a date that night, he heard her ask her Mother if it was ok to go out with him!!

That very night would be the first of many dates to follow, and many years ahead building a life and future together. Ray and Katherine are married 49 years now and have known each other for 51. Their 49th Wedding Anniversary was, July 27th, 2010.

Ray wrote Katherine a Song telling the Story you've just read. And if you would like, it's here for you to listen to. Writing the lyrics, sneaking away to the recording studio to record it has been quite an expierience to say the least. Ray had to create this recording without Katherine knowing anything about what he was doing in order for it to be a surprise.
Whew! It's done; Ray had the help of one of the best sound engineers in the country Mr. James Gabriel.
It's Here for You to Enjoy Now.
Click the Video Below to Hear and See the Story you've just read.
'Could I Do It All Over Again'
Also; Visit 'YouTube' for More of Ray's Video's; Just click on: www.youtube.com/user/pardsvalley .......