W. Ray Donoho
Entertainer/Song Writer/Cowboy Poet/Author of Children's Books
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An Old Speckled Dog
W.Ray was sitting in the open back of his 4X4 wagon early one November Morning. He was waiting for a delivery truck to arrive so he could guide the drivers to their intended destination. While waiting there just across the road from an old Landmark Store
'The Ono Store' a very old tired looking Gray Speckled Dog came slowly and cautiously walking up to him. They looked at each other for a while eye to eye, then the Gray Speckled Dog sat abruptly continuing to penetrate Ray's mind with images of a time long ago. W.Ray picked up a piece of wood from the back of his wagon, a carpenters pencil, and wrote the following poem as That Old Speckled Dog told him the story you're about to read.  


The Old Man and Fred came ride’n into town; they stopped by the old Ono store.

He’d heard of this place, a rite friendly old town; it felt like he’d been there before.

He climbed off Ol’ Fred let the reigns drag the ground he figured to rest there awhile.

When along came a dog with a gray speckled face, when their eye’s met she broke to a smile.

She looked the Old Man straight in the eye; she gave him a glimpse to her soul.

Her life on the trail the great things she had done were unveiled while they stood by the road.

As he sat down in silence a bond had begun and the Gray Speckled Dog shared her life.

He saw many years through those Brown Eyes of hers, times of hardship, hunger and strife.

Although many stories were troubled and sad as she poured out her life through and through.

The Old Man saw the glint in her eye, as she showed him the other side too.

He saw the love that was shared with an Indian Child and the way they survived on the land.

How the child held her close, took care of her needs, how they stayed best of friends to the end.

That Old Speckled Dog showed him the last of her life, how her friend held her tight when she passed.

Then that Old Speckled Dog went into the light in peace now her soul rests at last.

Amazed and confused the Old Man mounted Fred then he whispered a prayer in Fred’s ear.

Lord; give this Old Speckled Dog a warm place to sleep, fresh food and nothing to fear.

                                                                                                           W. Ray Donoho 11-29-06
                                                                                                                  Copyright 2006
                                                                                                               All Rights Reserved

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