W. Ray Donoho
Entertainer/Song Writer/Cowboy Poet/Author of Children's Books
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Broken Dollys "Preview"
Throughout the years raising a Family with his wife Katherine, it was a matter of fact for Ray to repair anything that broke or stopped working. From a flat tire to major repairs on their Motor Home as they traveled cross country while earning a living entertaining in Clubs, Casinos, and Stage Shows; there seemed to always be something that needed fix'n. 

Ray also repaired the Girl's toys, time and logistics made having anything repaired or replaced very difficult.
As time passed living on the road became more and more complicated, and changing schools continually was not a good thing, so the Family bought a home and settled down in Carson City, Nevada, the Girls needed to be more rooted to finish their education, have friends, etc. 

Time raced on and as the Girls graduated from Toys to Cars it was common for Ray to fix and repair those things too.

Then one day something hit like a ton of bricks;
Ray couldn't fix everything for his Girls any more, they were now married, and in the scope of life as we all know it, their problems were no longer Mechanical, Fabric, or Plastic.

Heartache was on the menu one day for one of his Girls, and feeling helpless Ray reflected back on those wonderful years when their biggest problem was a "Broken Dolly", those times when Daddy and Mommy could make it all better.

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One day the whole song will be posted here. However, until it is published only part can be displayed.
Broken Dollys at this time is at a Publishing Agency in Nashville,TN.
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