W. Ray Donoho
Entertainer/Song Writer/Cowboy Poet/Author of Children's Books
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W. Ray's Sister Maggie sent him a small sign she found at a craft fair, it said:
"Wipe Yer Boots". That's what inspired the following poem.


It was dark when the Old Man rode on to his ranch; he’d been out on the range that whole day….

He had cattle to find there were fence’s to mend, and the mud from the rain blocked his way….

For the past 14 day’s the storm's took their toll, there was destruction and gloom everywhere….

The Old Man grew tired as he worked the fence-line and he’d stop to rope a stray here and there….

It seemed to him, this day would never end, as the mud became deeper each hour….

When he mounted Ol’ Fred he could hear his Horse moan as he pulled each hoof from the mire….

The sun was go’n down and the sky was turn’n Grey, it looked like Mom-Nature wern’t through….

He’d trust that his efforts would hold for the time, and his fence fix’ns just had to do….

The Old Man knew it was time to quit work, tho his task was a long way from done….

He and Ol’ Fred would have to move quick, through the mud, in the fast fade’n sun….

Darkness outran him as they arrived home; the smell of Wood-Smoke filled the air….

Inside there was light, there’d be beans on the fire, hot coffee, and his Wife standing there….

After see'n Ol’ Fred had a warm place to sleep, he cleaned his Ol’ Friend with a comb….

He walked to the steps that led to his life, know’n Katherine would welcome him home….

When he got to the porch he heard a sweet voice, say’UN, “Hold up a dern minute you Ol’ Coot”!….

I know you’ve had a really tough day….. But read my new sign…….

                                                ‘WIPE YER BOOTS!!!!!’

                                                                                                    W. Ray Donoho
                                                                                                    Copyright: 2004
                                                                                                  All Rights Reserved 
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